Lunch + Hiking + Stargazing + Camping

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Boulder, Colorado, United States
Sport & intensity
Hiking and Camping
Slow & Steady
Saturday, Apr 04 2015
Nice as hell. 65H/35L. It's just warm enough for sensitive souls, but cool enough for furnaces like me
Why go now
Gorgeous, gorgeous moon!
Don't miss
Bad moon rising, telescopes, time lapses, lovely views, river walks, fire
Beware of
Setting your tent up in a place where the sun will rise and roast you like the whiskey marinated bird you are
Posted by
Morgan Cook
We all arrived terribly late to lunch at Southern Sun in Boulder, but wonderfully at just about the same time. I proceeded to dump red salsa on my white shirt like a toddler, which really set the tone for the day.

After lunch, we accosted the campsite with vigor. Nick Santos, Jacob Ewald and Marie Skubon surprise-joined us, which was awesome! We had 15 people total. After setting up, we took a nice stroll down to the river.

David LeFlore set up a telescope, and we took a really healthy gander at the moon. We had already been spoiled prior to this, when we got to ogle the hell out of it as it rose from behind the hills. In addition to this, Matt Petsos had set up a camera for a gorgeous time lapse, which he was kind enough to share:
As usual, this site harbored a great group of people, all happy to be huddled around a fire.... guitars and drums a'blazing. Thanks for being such an awesome group, everyone! 

P.S.-- not sure if this thing will let me tag everyone (I know my own name is basically un-findable), so my apologies about that. Brad Anderson-- we don't have weird enough names to be found. :)