Weekend to Ski, Snowshoe, HotSprings and Winter Carnival!!!

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Steamboat Springs, Colorado, United States Steamboat Springs
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Hiking and Camping
Friday, Feb 06 2015
sunny, warm, full moons
Why go now
Don't miss
strawberry hot springs at midnight
Beware of
full moons. many many moons
Posted by
Rylan Summit
what a great weekend.  great friends, adventures, winter carnival, hot springs, snowshoeing, hiking!  what's not to like!  the socially adventurous and unbelievibly hysterical crew rolled up on Steamboat Springs and enjoyed the fun in the sun.  night 1 was full of excitement as car loads of friends decended upon our condo.  we attempted to go to bed early to get a good start saturday but we had too much fun hanging out to go to bed early.  the next morning we made our way to west rabbit ears for a bit of snowshoeing in a beautiful area.  that same evening after a few naps and a movie, the winter carnival evening fireworks were on point.  it was one of the best fireworks show i've ever scene.  Lighted Man did his thing, flaming sleds and a ring of fire?!  yeah, it was awesome.  the only way to follow up awesome?  more awesome.  we made our way to the strawbery hot springs for the rest of the  night.  we were lucky enough to see a full moon.  many many moons....

On day 2, we enjoyed sunshine, clear skies and temps warm enough for shorts and aparently shirtless hiking.  we hiked our way up to a beautiful view of Steamboat Springs and soaked it all in. 

I'll tell you what.  Monday and Tuesday were quite a struggle to endure after such an amazing weekend.