zach wallace

27| male| Centennial, Colorado, United States
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Mountain Biking
Do not currently own a mountain bike but hopefully will acquire one soon. I have ridden some easier mountain and foothill trails a handful of times. I am a complete novice.
Road Cycling
Daily commuting. I don't own a car so my bike takes me everywhere.
Due to a recovering ankle and knee, have not run much this summer but should be back in full stride in a few weeks. Enjoy some easier trail running the most and running sections of 14er trails.
Boarded for a couple years now. Love hitting little jumps. Want to start doing basic tricks and enjoy testing myself on blacks and seeing how close I can come to killing myself in the trees. Still have lots to learn and consider myself an intermediate rider. Can't stand moguls, cause I still suck at 'em.
Haven't climbed in a couple years but am ready to get back into it.
Hiking and Camping
This is my bread and butter. Hiking 14ers and 13ers especially. Enjoy having lightning striking around me, crazy rain/snow/hailstorms and glissading down snow fields. Also can go for the casual day hike.
Fun in the Sun
Any pick-up sport is chill with me. Love Colorado microbrews and soaking stellar rays.
Calisthenics only. Learning to do beginner exercises on gymnast rings right now. Enjoy wind sprints, pull-ups and dips the most. Throw in yoga about once a week cause I am horrendously inflexible and also trying to increase my balance.