Thomas Wells

33| male| Boulder, CO, USA
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Thomas' preferred sports:

Trails and off-trail. Avoiding the sidewalks. 3 to 15 miles at a time. Bonus points if there are scenic views of mountains and lakes.
Tele. In-bounds and out. Have skins, beacon, probe, shovel, and skills. Haven't skied backcountry in a couple years, so I'm a little rusty.
Water Sports
Packrafting for the win!
Sport up to 11b/c indoors. 10-11ish outdoors. Love multi-pitch. Planning to get a rack this winter or next spring and start expanding trad skills.
Hiking and Camping
Anything from mellow day hikes to 5th class mountaineering. Winter and summer. Familiar with 3 AM starts and post-sunset finishes.
Fun in the Sun
Hammocking, book reading, slacklining, tubing, bike cruising, picnicing in the park.
Ski / Snowboard