Taylor Reese

32| male| Golden, CO, USA
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I'm a Gociety

Taylor's info

More of a talker than a typer. I love being outside doing a variety of activities, so join a plan I'm on (often several at any time) and say hi.

Taylor's preferred sports:

Mountain Biking
I often take my heavy-ass enduro bike on rides way too long, but after hauling it up, love to bomb it down.
Road Cycling
Like to charge hard on short climbs and chill on flats, but won't hear me complain during a steady 30 mile climb up Mt Evans either.
Former road runner turned to the dark side. Living on the side of North Table in Golden has it's perks, hardly ever miss a group run there.
Can hold my own on most in-bounds terrain. Just took my AIARE L1, so looking to explore the backcountry more.
Water Sports
Why is there no option for rowing?
Currently testing the waters
Hiking and Camping
Let's just say I spend almost as much time in my tent as my bed during the summer. Always looking for sweet new long-weekend backpacking destinations, as well as unique day hike summits.
Fun in the Sun
Definitely down for fun in the sun, just please remind me to put on sunscreen.
Might spot me in the occasional spin class or yoga, but most of the time, I'd rather just be outside.