Shelby Gould

32| female| Denver, Colorado, United States
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Shelby's info

Shelby's preferred sports:

Mountain Biking
I like to ride mainly XC. I would consider myself an intermediate to advanced rider.
Road Cycling
I prefer road cycling second to mountain biking.
I am a slogger- a slow jogger. But nonetheless, I am out pounding the pavement at least twice a week if not more.
LOVE TO SKI. I consider myself an advanced skier.
Water Sports
I like to sea kayak and have tried stand up paddling boarding once and want to do it again!
I climb mostly indoors and prefer top roping over bouldering. I'd like to start climbing outdoors but only own a harness, shoes and belay devices.
Hiking and Camping
I prefer biking over hiking because it's faster but I'm always up for a good hike.
Fun in the Sun
Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.
I just like to get exercise in any shape or form!