Sarah Wallace

35| female| Frisco, CO, USA
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Sarah Wallace. Yeah. THAT Wallace. Blue paint, big sword, “consume the enemy with bolts of lightning from his arse,” William Wallace. While a little less interested in killing the English (it’s just so awkward in these times), this descendant of the Scottish warrior is just as interested in freedom. After living in the Front Range of Colorado and visiting the mountains every chance she got, this modern marvel ripped up her roots and attacked the mountain stronghold of Frisco, Colorado. When her Boulder friends asked where she was going she said “I’m going to pick a fight.” After some looting, pillaging, and lease signing, she’s now a full-time mountain clanleader. While this former city girl still likes to dance, sing, and “nae nae,” she’s also becoming very adept at dropping a “rad,” and a “sick gnar pow” every now and again. The "h" in Sarah is not there for looks. It adds layer upon layer of magical faery powers. You want 4 feet of pow? Do a “Sarah Dance.” When not romping and rolling around the west, she can be found stomping and trolling around bluegrass festivals with her trusty box of red in her purse. Don't second guess this lady as she is a fierce force, just like her great great grandfather, Mel Gibson. Shit, I mean William Wallace.

Sarah's preferred sports:

Mountain Biking
Groomers / ADVANCED
Bumps & Trees / INTERMEDIATE
Water Sports
Kayaking / BEGINNER
Hiking and Camping
Day Tripping / ADVANCED
Car Camping / ADVANCED
Backpacking / INTERMEDIATE
Snowshoeing / INTERMEDIATE
Winter Camping / LEARNING
Fun in the Sun