Ryan Stefani

46| male| Central Boulder
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Mountain Biking
I like fast and flowing. Not technical so much (technical includes rocks/roots/knots/gravel/anything over 1" in height). Just to put this out there, I have to walk (up and down) much of that hill that goes from Dowdy Draw back to the Mesa...
"Intermediate" simply means that I'm not a beginner. It is no indication of fitness level of athleticism. Slow and short is my motto.
I crush groomers. I'm terrified of what most folks do in side country. My backcountry involves 28 degree glades of wonderful snow. And in May and June, maybe some bigger lines.
I like to climb (easy) rocks. I prefer big alpine routes with big(ger) approaches! And where alpine is concerned, I prefer easier routes. Did you get the theme? I don't climb hard.
Hiking and Camping
If someone says "let's go run this trail!" or "let's climb that hard route at the end of the this approach," I can hike like a boss.
Funny... i thought this was the "motto" category. I don't ride things with engines. Their noise rivals the decibel level of my breathing and confuses me.
Ski / Snowboard
Well, "day" is relative. My ideal WEEKEND, on the other hand, is about 25 runs in bounds followed by 3 or 4 out of bounds. If I could do that 26 weekends a year... Well... I'd ski a lot.