Robbie Latta

27| male| Minneapolis, MN, USA
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Robbie's info

Minnesota lovin'. I love people. I love the outdoors even more. They're also pretty good together. Urban Planning student at the U of M.

Robbie's preferred sports:

Road Cycling
Minneapolis to Duluth to the Canadian border.....on my single speed.
8 am start. Groomer for the first few runs. Then trees all day, finish off by narrowly avoiding shattered vertebrae at the park.
Groomers / ADVANCED
Steep & Deep / BEGINNER
Bumps & Trees / INTERMEDIATE
Sidecountry / LEARNING
Backcountry / LEARNING
Water Sports
I'm a SUP bro. I like to drink beer by the fire and cook hobo packages (not a euphemism). Also getting more into slalom skiing.
Surfing / LEARNING
Hiking and Camping
I have jeep. I have backpack. I have stove. I have tent. I have sleeping bag. I have headlamp. I have book.
Day Tripping / ADVANCED
Car Camping / ADVANCED
Backpacking / ADVANCED
Snowshoeing / BEGINNER
Winter Camping / LEARNING
Fun in the Sun
I want to learn to flyfish.
Fly Fishing / LEARNING
4x4/Off Roading / BEGINNER