Molly Meuer

36| female| Denver, Colorado, United States
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Molly's info

Molly's preferred sports:

Mountain Biking
I love the climb but I am not a very technical rider yet. Anything with a beautiful view at the top or water I am in.
Road Cycling
I love to climb. Mountain passes are my favorite, Vail pass, Independence Pass, all about it.
Trail running is ideal, but willing to run in the city and far...
Steep, variable terrain, helicopters...I'll ski anywhere. Just picked up tele skiing, so working on improving those skills.
Hiking and Camping
I like the climb with great views at the top. I can follow any river to a lake and be happy.
Fun in the Sun
Volleyball, hiking, running, city cruising bike rides, golf, let's go!!
Ski / Snowboard
I like to hike to terrain, but I'll ski bumps and cruisers any day. Love being in the mts and riding
I belong to a gym, e3, to work on strength.