Mike Carnes

46| male| Eldorado Springs, Colorado, United States
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Road Cycling
I like to ride my bike and show the rest of the cycling community how much I suck at it.
The necessary evil! I have a love/hate relationship with running. The good news is a runner's high is legal in the remaining 48 states where weed isn't!
Been doing this my entire life and bending a ski comes second nature to me, at least I think so. Good thing there aren't mirrors on the mountain to prove me different.
I like climbing and am always game to touch stone regardless of the weather. This is by far my favorite thing to do but I'm no expert... And I always wear a shirt at the crag so I'm not Mr Intensity either. Always looking for laid back good people to climb with... Who keep their shirt on at the crag.
Hiking and Camping
I enjoy a good hike but my dog has to be with me so I can Zen out with that unconditional love. All just because I bring water for him.
You motor boatin son of a bitch you! Oh do you mean like as in Moto Cross?
Fun in the Sun
Who doesn't love a good day in the sun or a great beach!
Ski / Snowboard
Have we not already covered this?
I try to work out when ever possible to keep my fat ass from getting fatter, and fatter, and fatter!