michele cooper

34| female| Denver, CO, USA
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Mountain Biking
My favorite! single track, technical, flowy, whatever. Love a good front range ass kicker before or after work. Throw in a couple Fruita, Moab or mountain trips for biking each year and I'm a happy girl!
Road Cycling
Short after work rides, longer weekend rides, mountain passes. If you have a good attitude I'll enjoy your company.
Prefer trail to road. Not quite a marathoner, but enjoy running for the quick workout or the social aspect.
Skinning, Tele, Alpine...All day, fast and fun. Drinks at the end! Working my way the hill, makes the down so much sweeter :)
Hiking and Camping
Fun people make for fun days on a mountain.
Fun in the Sun
Park days, SUP, patio drinks (That counts right?), if the sun is out I usually want to be out with it!