Michael Arriola

32| male| Denver, Colorado, United States
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Michael's info

I am the Marketing Manager at Gociety. I am passionate about our mission to connect the outdoor community through activities they love and meaningful experiences shared with new friends. I am also passionate about taking advantage of the 5-9 hours where I am not at work. Whether that means dawn patrol skiing in the backcountry or after work cragging sessions, there is just too much fun to be had in Colorado to not live it up! Let's grab a beer, hit the trail, or get on the wall! I'm stoked to meet you all.

Michael's preferred sports:

Mountain Biking
I've been biking on and off for years. I love the sport but for some reason don't always make time for it. Too many hobbies, but every time I'm on the trail I fall back in love. From techy to flow I'm really up for anything, even some brutal climbing for an epic downhill.
I've been snowboarding most of my life. I jumped back on skis a few times last year and I'm stoked to be mixing it in with days on the board. If you see me on skis, beware I may be moving in a pizza position on steep terrain.
I pretty much grew up on boards - Skateboarding, surfing, and of course snowboarding. I love everything about it from being in the mountains to charging fast and hard. I've been trying to get more into backcountry over the last year or so and I'm also trying to sprinkle in some ski mountaineering.
Water Sports
Wakeboarder - Surfer - SUPer - and have done some kayaking. I love the water. I've been surfing in the frigid waters of San Francisco for the last couple of years and finally experienced warm water surfing in Guatemala recently. As for wakeboarding, I was on the waterski and wakeboard team/club in college and love being behind a boat and of course the partying that comes along with these sports.
Since moving to Colorado last year I have been spending more time on the wall than most other sports. I have really fallen in love with the sport and the locals it can take you. Right now I am splitting my time between sport and trad climbing , but really trying to learn as much as possible in the trad world. I just got my ice tools and am excited to dive into it.
Bouldering / LEARNING
Hiking and Camping
I always enjoy a good hike or backpacking trip. Although, when you are hiking to meet an objective such as climbing, skiing, etc than my interest jumps up notch.
Fun in the Sun
Who doesn't love fun in the sun. Bring me a cold one.
Mainly to train for other sports. I have a membership to Movement Climbing Gym in Denver and spend some time with the weights after climbing.