Michaela Plank

30| female| Denver, Colorado, United States
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Michaela's preferred sports:

Mountain Biking
Would like to get into this... Sounds bumpy but fun!
Road Cycling
Love love love my Trek cycle and get out as often as I can... Obvi sporting a super cool cycling outfit- butt pad pants & all!
Try to run everyday. I am a lacrosse coach, and try to keep up with my high school girls... Slow and steady wins the race!
Been skiing for about... MY WHOLE LIFE... love it and is one of the most purest joys come winter season in Colorado.
Love to shred... Broke my back, leaving me paralyzed for a bit but back at it and love the sport!
Water Sports
Have never tried but would LOVE to.
Only done the indoor thing but being cooped up inside on a Colorado summer day sounds so blah. I want to try outside too!
Hiking and Camping
I have a year old pup golden retriever, John Wayne and he likes to hike. I just am his "water support"
Fun in the Sun
Sun goddess (self proclaimed). Anything outside and in the sun- I'm game.
Ski / Snowboard
Need I say more... Colorado snow lover for life.
I work out at Pura Vida- shout out to Jillian F for whooping my butt into shape! Love anything that is going to get my heart racing & my body sweating.