Meghan Webking

32| female| Denver, CO, USA
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Meghan's preferred sports:

Road Cycling
Cruising around town with Penny Lane, my single speed bike. Or, riding my single speed for 30 miles and then wondering why I don't have more speeds. I like biking to work, or around town with friends. #helmetsarecool
I love running the Highline Canal, the Wash Park loop, and trails -- I'm up for any distance from a couple miles to a half marathon.
I grew up skiing Sun Valley, took a 4 year break in college, snowboarded for about 5 years, and am back on two planks! Couldn't be happier that I made the switch back. I'm happy any day on the hill with friends. Getting my powder legs ready for a trip to JAPAN in January 2015!
Water Sports
I love to be on the water, but don't find myself there too often.
I enjoy gym climbing, but I'm always itching to get outdoors with friends. I also tried ice climbing for the first time last winter and can't wait to do that again!
Hiking and Camping
Up for anything from a short walk in the woods to a multi-day backpacking adventure. And snowshoeing!
Fun in the Sun
I really just like being outside.
I'm up for anything active! Definitely in for a yoga class here and there.