Marisa Jarae

33| female| Denver, Colorado, United States
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Road Cycling
I cycle for sport, fitness (cross training for backpacking), and transportation. I have a cheap-o single speed for riding the bus and knocking around town, and I have a Trek Lexa for speed and distance work. This Florida Girl still gets whooped by the hill climbs, but I do love the challenge!
I dig both road and trail, though my preference is trail (if my trail running can be considered running... ) I've completed four halves and don't really have a desire to do a road marathon. I'd sign up for a trail or mountain marathon in a heartbeat :-) I pace a solid 9.5-10 min mile, but love to add in some sprints just to keep it interesting.
I love it and go every weekend. I have both EpicLocal and Rocky Mountain Super Pass. I'm a groomer rider primarily, but that's because I just graduated to blue/black toward the end of last season. Boarding is as much social as it is sport, in my opinion. I've met some really awesome people both on the hill and in the bar :-)
I'm finally getting back to climbing more frequently after I fractured by thumb/wrist last spring (note to self: don't lean back on skis when trying to stop...) I climb around 5.9 - 5.10, working on getting some lead experience. I'm serious about getting better, but think that doing anything outside (or in the rock gym) is about having fun first and foremost. I climb RNJ1/2 and Boulder.
Hiking and Camping
These are my two favorite activities. Period.. Day hikes backpacking, car camping, 14ers, you name it, I'm in. Every weekend I camp and/or hike as far away as Mesa Verde or as close as Boulder.
Fun in the Sun
Yes please!
If I'm outside and moving, I'm happy. Could be a boot camp workout at Red Rocks or simply yoga in my backyard. Outside+fitness=win