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31| female| Breckenridge, Colorado
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I telemark and alpine. <br />I am an ex-Vail skier/employee and bought a Copper pass for 14/15!
Water Sports
Mostly canoeing, but up to other paddle sports, unless it has the possibility of me being upside down stuck in a boat. I'm not into that.
Hiking and Camping
I used to hike as part of my job, and got an overuse injury. I have fully recovered and try to get out every weekend, at least. I'm trying to get in more overnight/backpacking trips into my schedule!
Fun in the Sun
Anything and everything fun in the sun sounds excellent to me as long as I don't have wheels propelling me down a hill.
Ski / Snowboard
Tele and alpine!
Adventure is out there! And pilates is something I love.