Larissa Phillips

33| female| Golden, Colorado, United States
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Mountain Biking
Some of my local favorites are around Crested Butte, Fruita, and Golden. Preferably single track with a great view and varied terrain... I'm still new to mountain biking, but it's a pretty awesome sport from what I can tell.
I run kind of as cross training for climbing, but more because it's hard and it makes me feel healthier
I just got my first season pass this year! I'm learning. My first powder day felt really hard, but them once I got back into the crunchy stuff, I started missing being able to surf down the mountain. Someday I will get into backcountry skiing.
Indoor or outdoor, though I prefer outdoor. I've tried it all... bouldering, sport, trad, ice.. no big wall stuff yet, but some day. I generally prefer bouldering, but I'm up for whatever. I normally boulder around V5-8, sport lead 11s and 12s, and trad lead up to 5.9 if it's well protected, but I haven't fallen on any of my placements yet, so I'm still cautious. I'll follow anything though. I've gone through the SPI course and several self rescue seminars, worked for outdoor guiding companies, and have travelled all over the place to climb easy trad. I have the knowledge, I'm just a weenie. Bouldering (and sport) is definitely more my strength.
Bouldering / ADVANCED
Hiking and Camping
I really enjoy hiking and trail running (though I'm not a great runner), and getting out backpacking when I can. The more scenic and secluded the better,.
Day Tripping / EXPERT
Car Camping / EXPERT
Backpacking / ADVANCED
Snowshoeing / INTERMEDIATE
Fun in the Sun
This includes frisbee, slacklining, beer drinking outside, etc.
Adventure Racing / BEGINNER
Fly Fishing / BEGINNER
Ski / Snowboard
Didn't we already cover skiing?
I do yoga when I can, I tried kickboxing and loved it (the boxing kind, not the aerobic kind), I enjoy all kinds of dancing, playing with dogs from the animal shelter (definitely a fitness activity if you do it right), swimming...
Strength & Conditioning / ADVANCED