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32| female| Denver, Colorado, United States
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High Five Kristen! Check out our upcoming event in Denver next Monday!
Wednesday, Nov 30 2016

Hey! You are awesome. Just thought I would share some good vibes. Have a great one!
Tuesday, May 10 2016

Pathfinder love!
Monday, Feb 15 2016

You're the greatest! I just love your lust for life and your never-ending energy. You're so balanced! Cannot wait to skin/ski with you again soon!
Friday, Jan 08 2016

From lee mebel
Thursday, Dec 03 2015

don't free high fives make you feel good!? let's get back to the days where your words of encouragement turn into "Let's make it a gociety!"
Wednesday, Dec 02 2015

Your pup looks awesome! Has he ever done a winter 14er?!?
Tuesday, Dec 01 2015

Good seeing you last night! Adventure on!
Thursday, Jun 25 2015

Kristin is an awesome gal and is super fun to hang out with, whether its sitting around a campfire or going on a spontaneous trip to Nederland and the Indian Peaks. She also has an adorable pup!
Sunday, Dec 14 2014

Hey Kristen! it was fun hanging with you and kona at the campout this weekend!
Sunday, Dec 14 2014

Kristen is a spirited young lady with great taste in beer, bourbon, coozies, and new gociety stories (climbing the Flatirons). Wondering when I will meet her firecracker of a dog. Thanks for the coozie, and I'm looking forward to some future outdoor adventures!
Monday, Nov 24 2014

High Fives Kristen gave

Wooo! I'm giving Natalie her first high five on Gociety! Natalie is a super badass yogi and adventurous person currently living in Phoenix. Any Phoenixians on Gociety should hit her up for a hike or weekend trip to Havasupai Falls. She has recently learned of the Gociety ways from the source here in Denver. She has achieved her camping badge and solo hiking badges and is ready to bring the Gociety stoke to Arizona!
Monday, May 23 2016

Taylor is pretty ok. He bought me thai food after a backpacking trip once where he called me a "beast - IN A GOOD WAY I PROMISE. I MEAN ABOUT YOUR HIKING" so I let him tag along on most adventures now. You can hear his laugh from at least a ten mile radius which I think is an asset for backcountry safety.
Friday, Dec 11 2015

Morgan is a super legit Colorado Native with the inside scoop on all things Colorado! She also makes a mean hot sangria. Stranahan's Gociety trip plans forthcoming!
Wednesday, Dec 03 2014