Kris Carlstedt

32| male| Colorado, United States
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Mountain Biking
I'm pretty slow on the way up but trying to get faster. Down is fun. Just built a new bike for 2016 and looking to break her in or....just break her so i can upgrade.
Powder in the trees.
Groomers / EXPERT
Steep & Deep / ADVANCED
Bumps & Trees / EXPERT
Hiking and Camping
I'll hike from time to time as long as me body is up for it.
Fun in the Sun
Camping is always a great time. I am also a car guy and love taking my jeep on some trails. I really like to explore. I find it fun to hop in the jeep with my all gear and start driving. If find a good looking trail to hike/bike, game on. If I find a nice camp site then it may be time to pull over and crack a beer.
I work out