Katie Kirk

36| female| Dillon, Colorado, United States
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Mountain Biking
I'm still getting used to mountain biking because I recently started. I'm slow and steady but want to be challenged.
Road Cycling
I've daydreamed about (and may or may not have mapped out) a 10,000 mile cross country ride. I like riding long distance and I'm working on getting stronger for climbs.
I do enjoy running but it comes and goes for me. I started about six years ago but I'm not consistent. My attitude is that it's faster than walking so I really only do it for fitness. I'd like to get out on some trails and see if that changes things for me.
Nonstop first chair to last chair. The trees are my favorite.
Water Sports
Most of my experience kayaking/SUPing/canoeing is from NYC and Seattle. Wakeboarding and surfing behind a boat are some of my favorite summer activities.
Hiking and Camping
I think hiking is my favorite. Not to get too hippie-dippie but I love observing all the flora and fauna, weather, and rock formations, etc. along the way. I love the feeling of reaching the summit, of taking my boots off and that first swig of cold beer at the end of a long day.
Fun in the Sun
Camping, water skiing, lawn games, BBQing, paragliding, etc.
Ski / Snowboard
Hey, this question is on here twice.
Yoga, HIIT, walking, pilates