Katherine Mocho

37| female| Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
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Mountain Biking
lowish level but need to find awesome places around denver. i can go uphill and downhill but i'm not good with lots of exposure, and i ain't fast.
Road Cycling
yes please! wanna do a brick with me?
trail and road, bricks are always welcome, still learning the denver area and would love running partners.
just a little. unless you know someone or work there and want to give me a discount. : )
most of my gear is in CO springs, but i'd love to go up here. i can lead ~5.8 and climb usually up to 5.10 outdoors.
Hiking and Camping
heck yeah. or trail running. i do a lot of hiking up and running down 14'ers (sometimes bc i was lazy and left too late in the day and need to outrun the afternoon thunderstorm...). you should come along and make me leave earlier!
i'm a personal trainer, and i do all sorts of fun things like Acroyoga and triathlons. would love to find other folks to a) do these things with and b) hang out with afterwards. like tri's AND Cards Against Humanity? we should be friends.