Kate Foley

30| female| Parker, Colorado, United States
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Kate's info

Outdoor adventure dabbler, I want to try it all and maybe actually get good at one or two things. Compulsive traveler, courageous eater, enthusiastic off-road driver, masochistic cold river water bather. I can build a bear hang for all your backcountry food needs. 

Kate's preferred sports:

Mountain Biking
The kind that builds up my confidence first so I really believe I can make those drops at the end and hop that ledge. I like not knowing for sure when I'm gonna eat it. Trails in Fruita, CO are ze best.
Road Cycling
All my friends form a line I can draft off for the entire time I'm riding Highway 1 from Canada to Baja. Birds bring me stroopwaffles to refuel along the way.
I run because it is the cheapest form of fitness. I also run because OH MY GOD THERE'S A BEAR
Free the heel free the soul...
Groomers / BEGINNER
Bumps & Trees / BEGINNER
I'm the only one on the mountain until my Yeti homies ride up next to me and we shred until dusk, then they invite me back to their cave and we drink white russians all night
Groomers / ADVANCED
Steep & Deep / ADVANCED
Bumps & Trees / INTERMEDIATE
Backcountry / BEGINNER
Water Sports
Old hat river rat on the Colorado... guided Westwater like a boss, guided Cataract Canyon like someone at last acutely aware of their mortality. Never could flip a kayak though, I bail like your flakiest friend.
Kayaking / BEGINNER
Of course I climb. I bleed chalk.
Hiking and Camping
NOLS grad biatches. Been on personal backcountry backpacking trips in India, Nepal and Guatemala. Favorite TP? Pine cone.
Day Tripping / EXPERT
Car Camping / EXPERT
Backpacking / ADVANCED
Snowshoeing / BEGINNER
Winter Camping / BEGINNER
On the back of attractive peoples' bikes.
Fun in the Sun
Done finished two o' those Tough Mudder things. Purty fun those. Also love me some rapelling, specially in Utah, specially at night.
Adventure Racing / INTERMEDIATE
Canyoning / BEGINNER
4x4/Off Roading / BEGINNER
I challenge anyone to sweat more than I do during hot yoga. I need a special mat made of sham-wow. Also, every year on Christmas Eve I like to make a sport of trying to tackle Santa's reindeer off rooves.