Jordy Clements

35| male| Denver, Colorado, United States
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Road Cycling
I think I already took it...road from Italy to Greece, with a few stops in between. It was amazing!
Working on riding more switch this year, dialing in the few tricks I can do, and becoming faster and more proficient in the trees.
Groomers / ADVANCED
Steep & Deep / BEGINNER
Bumps & Trees / INTERMEDIATE
Sidecountry / BEGINNER
Backcountry / LEARNING
I lead 5.10+ outdoors, but have mainly sport experience so far. Sure, I can cobble together an 11b in the gym, but where it really counts, my knowledge of anchor building, multi-pitching, trad, etc. is just getting off the ground (see what I did there? haha). I've done all that stuff, but would love to learn more. Just prepping for that eventual big wall...
Hiking and Camping
Expert car really! Plenty of other experience hiking/camping. Very minimal experience winter camping/snowshoeing/etc. Would love to learn more!
Car Camping / EXPERT
Backpacking / ADVANCED
Ski / Snowboard
Cruise through a groomer to start, jump off some side hits to get the blood flowing, dip into the trees if the snow is good, make it to last lift, maybe stop for a mid morning Bloody Mary. Maybe.