Jeremiah Reddick

41| male| Denver, Colorado, United States
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Jeremiah's preferred sports:

Mountain Biking
I like to go hit the trails and also looking to film some mountain bikers this summer.
Love trail running or running at the parks around Denver, would love to find some people to run with during the week.
Advanced snowboarder who loves hiking and dropping bowls, hitting the trees, dropping cliffs and having a good time with equally skilled riders.
Only been climbing a few time but love the feeling and enjoy heights.
Hiking and Camping
I have done 6 14ers so far and looking to doing more, i am a very fast hiker and like to go with people that can keep up with my pace.
Fun in the Sun
I play allot of Volleyball and looking for a coed partner to play with at Wash Park, also enjoy wakeboarding and water sports.
Ski / Snowboard
Hut trips, snowshoeing any adventure with a board count me in.
Love to be active and trying new fitness sports and activities.