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40| female| Denver, CO, USA
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I'm a beta version of myself continually trying to improve while never hesitating to laugh at myself along the way. Many things that make me smile and they share a common letter: Blueberries, bison burgers, bacon, beer, burritos, B&Bs, bilingualism, brunch, biking on knobbies downhill, and breakfast with my my fiance and rescue pup. World traveler with a constant feeling of wanderlust. Unpretentious coffee and croissant connoisseur during the day, wine and beer drinker at night. Expert mistake maker. Devout learner from my mistakes.

Jen's preferred sports:

Mountain Biking
Mountain biking is my jam. I especially love flowy singletrack with epic downhill sections that let me hoot n' holler all the way down. You can't wipe the smile off of my face when I'm bombing downhill! I'm not much of a technician and I'm still learning the terrain out here in Colorado, but that doesn't mean I can't have fun trying!
Road Cycling
Let's be honest: I only ride my bike on the road to condition myself for mountain biking, but I've been known to ride the occasional century.
Social trail runs followed by adult beverages are my fave.
Soaking in some rays on a blue bird day on some serious POW is an epic day for me. Being a native Floridian, I'm still learning how to carve on this white fluffy stuff, so feel free to laugh at my falling.
Groomers / BEGINNER
Water Sports
Rafting makes my heart smile! I'm still new to SUP, but love every second on the board.
I used to climb more often when I lived in North Carolina several years ago, so I would love to get back into it now that I'm surrounded by some amazing rock.
Bouldering / BEGINNER
Hiking and Camping
As long as I'm hiking in the woods, I'm happy. I need some friends to motivate me to try backpacking and camping since I'm only experienced with beach camping (my Florida is showing). Snowshoeing is at the top of my list for this winter.
Car Camping / LEARNING
Backpacking / LEARNING
Snowshoeing / LEARNING
Fun in the Sun
Anything outdoors pulls at my heart strings and brings a smile to my face. I'm an expert at brewery-hopping despite me being an uber lightweight. Park days with the dog are always welcome.
Adventure Racing / BEGINNER
I love gymnastics/bodyweight workouts as well as anything involving a barbell. Olympic weightlifting/CrossFit is a passion of mine despite it sometimes being indoors... so I often take my barbell outdoors.
Strength & Conditioning / ADVANCED