Jeff Crowell

38| male| Golden, Colorado, United States
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I love super technical, rocky, psychotic terrain. Roads and paved paths are boring.
Climbing is finally getting it's hooks in to me a bit. I tend towards stuff where you're moving through the environment at at least a moderate clip, so it's taken a while for the slow methodical chess game to really catch my attention. But, now it's starting to. Bouldering in particular. A combo Bouldering / Scrambling day is my ideal.
Hiking and Camping
Feet + trail = good in my book. Definitely looking to take things up and start doing more challenging and longer expeditions. I also want to start doing some back country cinematography trips to get footage of the Elk heards in RMNP
Fun in the Sun
In the end, I'm up for just about any adventure outdoors. Parkour is really calling my name lately, so anyone that also likes running around on urban terrain, let's do that.
Martial Arts: My main body practice. Since I primarily train at an external style school, I'm looking to get a group going to do more internal / precision training to balance the external side. (Silat, Krav and Tai Chi sum up the styles I draw the most from.<br />Parkour, body weight training, yoga and chi kung.