Jazmin Levis

28| female| Boulder, Colorado, United States
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Mountain Biking
I moved to Boulder at the end of last summer, didn't have a chance to explore the trails. Im a really easy going person and fast learner, but coming from Buenos, Aires, Argentina, never had the chance to mountain bike. I have bike and would love to find somebody who want to teach me and show me around. I'll be a good and fun company (promise)!
Have done it since I was a child, but hate running alone!
my passion
Water Sports
one of the only water sports I haven't tried, but want to learn!!!
Never had the chance to climb, but started last week and loved it! I am really looking forward to learning more and traveling to do it! I know how to belay, so thats already a plus ;)
Hiking and Camping
El Tronador, Argentina, was the best hike ever
Fun in the Sun
Being outside is my favorite thing . As long as patience exists if i'm not as good as you, i'll be down for whatever!