Jacob Ewald

35| male| Denver, CO, USA
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Running has been my sport for awhile, although at a slow pace. I've done a couple marathons and a bunch of half-marathons. However, this year I'm switching gears and going multi-sport by training for a half-Ironman. Trail running is something new to me coming from Ohio we didn't have many trails to run, and certainly no elevation changes.
Water Sports
I'm a canoe-paddler and I like to camp. The Boundary Waters is an annual trip for me. A week of canoeing, fishing, camping, relaxing. It's hard to beat that. I enjoy kayaking, although my experience is limited.
Kayaking / LEARNING
Hiking and Camping
I love hiking! I moved here to hike the Rockies. I wish I had more time to go on long-distance hikes, but day trips are fun for now.
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