Ian Ewing

32| male| Denver, CO, USA
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Mountain Biking
About half climb, then a good downhill return makes for a great ride. While I enjoy a long ride, sometimes its nice to catch a lift ride and charge back downhill though.
Fitness runner, I just enjoy running to stay in shape. Hoping to step it up to a marathon this year. Would really like to get into trail running.
Work on some pretending to ski park bright and early if there is no new snow. Then hit a steep section, go hard, and get a workout in. If there is new snow, play in it all day! Tele turns are the best in new snow.
Groomers / ADVANCED
Steep & Deep / ADVANCED
Bumps & Trees / ADVANCED
Sidecountry / INTERMEDIATE
Backcountry / INTERMEDIATE
Climbing on and off over the years. I have always enjoyed it, but I have never been a great climber. Next up...trying ice climbing. And working on mountaineering.
Hiking and Camping
I like a challenge. If I can combine a good elevation gain with wildlife and amazing views, in summer or winter, I call that a successful hike. Off trail path finding is always fun. Getting "lost" in the woods for a few days is unbeatable.
Fun in the Sun
Ski / Snowboard
Weight training, soccer, circuits, and other things. I would like to give judo a try. Jumping on trampolines is a blast. Need to work on flexibility
Strength & Conditioning / INTERMEDIATE