Hilary Arthur

27| female| Boulder, Colorado, United States
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Mountain Biking
I'm a fairly beginner when it comes to mountain biking. Done up to 10 miles in a day if it's not too technical. I am very comfortable on a bike so its just getting used to the rocks and roots before I can really crush it.
Road Cycling
I just like to be out in the sun, less traffic is always ideal and open air/views are always a plus.
I've been running more and more lately. Almost always trail, as I get so bored on the roads, but I'm trying to "train" for a few races coming up so I'm incorporating longer road runs just for distance.
Water Sports
I have a decent amount of whitewater experience. If I'm in a raft with an experienced guide, I say let's run some IVs and Vs. I don't mind swimming. If I'm in a kayak I'm probably looking for no more than a class III. I haven't quite gotten my roll down, and its been a while since I practiced, so I may be a little rusty. Floating on a river is one of the most amazing things though.
Climbing is probably the sport I have the most experience with. Not to say I'm great at it though. I can lead 5.10 sport, follow 5.9 trad, and absolutely love multi-pitch (although I have always only followed). I boulder inside, but am not a big fan outside.
Trad /
Hiking and Camping
Day hiking, 5 day backpacking, snowshoeing, car camping! I love it all. I have a ton of experience backpacking but haven't been true backcountry in almost a year. I just moved to CO so it's just finding the right people to do it with! This summer I know I will get out more!
Day Tripping / EXPERT
Car Camping / ADVANCED
Backpacking / ADVANCED
Snowshoeing / INTERMEDIATE
Fun in the Sun
I'm into races for fun, never for a super serious time. I've run a Tough Mudder, done a sprint Triathlon, and am doing the BolderBoulder and Spartan races this year. I also just bought an old 4Runner and have newly discovered my love for 4x4 driving!!
Adventure Racing /
4x4/Off Roading / LEARNING
Ski / Snowboard
I'm just a beginner! Need someone to give me some pointers on skiing. I catch on quickly, I promise!
I've done a little cross fit. I love Acro Yoga. I am just into being healthy and getting my body moving. I switch it up a lot in my workouts.
Strength & Conditioning /