Hilary Allison

35| female| Denver, Colorado, United States
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Mountain Biking
I'm a beginner/intermediate rider.
Road Cycling
I haven't road cycled in a while now, but I do enjoy it. I like some ups and downs. Views are always a plus.
Fitness and social. I like trail running, but will road run. I think races are fun, but only usually sign up for a few a year. I like 5K, 10K, and 1/2 marathons, but will admit the 10K is probably my favorite length.
I like powder and trees! I've learned that hiking in the resorts will give you some good quality runs and I believe in quality of quantity these days.
Steep & Deep / ADVANCED
Bumps & Trees / ADVANCED
I'm a beginner and have only been a handful of times.
Hiking and Camping
A variety of terrain is good for me. Hiking is great for the dogs whenever we can find dog friendly places...
Car Camping / ADVANCED
Backpacking / INTERMEDIATE
Winter Camping / BEGINNER
Fun in the Sun
Backpacking, camping, and urban riding. We love to ride to grab a beer or an ice cream (if we've earned it).
Ski / Snowboard
Same as the just snowboarding category...Powder and trees
I love yoga!