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31| female| Loveland Ski Area
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Mountain Biking
Moderate-'Hike a bike' climbing and flowy single track is my favorite style. Enjoy Bufflo Creek/Lair O the Bear/Open Space types around the front range. Plan to venture out to Crested Butte and Fruita. Moab trails were a beauty.
Road Cycling
Any ride is ideal really,....from cruising around the city to touring and longer rides.
Trail :) Occasional race
downhill, crosscountry
Water Sports
Kayaking, SUP, Wakeboard
Hiking and Camping
Hiking, camping a day or two. Mostly day hikes are more enjoyable for me.
Fun in the Sun
Ski / Snowboard
Ski- good times on the blues...sporadic black diamonds-- likely to tumble or slide on bum to finish a few in my past