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29| male| Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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Likes: Work, DC, @choosemountains, backpacking, road tripping, exploring, mountaineering, rock climbing, looking at maps, getting lost. Dislikes: Work, DC, getting lostI'm a 26 year old kid from Charlotte, North Carolina who currently finds himself trapped in a concrete jungle in Washington, D.C. I'm constantly looking for an escape to the wild. I started honing my passion for the mountains and the outdoors a few years ago and this year I've really gone headfirst into every adventure I can find. I'm in an epic marathon against the clock to hit every national park in the United States. Anyone own a plane to get me to the Gates of the Arctic?!Love connecting with new people across the country and making new friends as I travel for work and for fun. Constantly in new places with new opportunities to explore what each state has to offer. Hope to see you out on the trails along the way!

Hamlin's preferred sports:

Fitness and social. Want to get into the endurance running
The more powder and the less people the better! Definitely want to get more into backcountry, exploration skiing side of the spectrum.
Groomers / ADVANCED
Bumps & Trees / INTERMEDIATE
Sidecountry / INTERMEDIATE
Backcountry / INTERMEDIATE
Limited experience, but love getting out there and the mathematics that go into every move
Bouldering / BEGINNER
Hiking and Camping
If it's just me, then get me off the grid! Love getting into the backcountry, bushwacking, off-trail exploring and finding new and uncommonly visited places in the wild. The harder and longer the trail the better. But, I also love teaching others, and would be completely content to spend an entire weekend within 3 miles of a car and bathroom as long as that means I'm getting other people out of their comfort zones and into the wild.
Day Tripping / EXPERT
Car Camping / EXPERT
Backpacking / ADVANCED
Snowshoeing / BEGINNER
Winter Camping / INTERMEDIATE
I try to go down to my gym and lift 3 times a week. I basically just pick up heavy things and set them back down. I definitely only do it to stay in shape, I'd much rather be outside than in fluorescent lighting. My sister is a Yoga instructor and desperately trying to get me on board. I'm a beginner at best, but I've got the tree pose and down dog figured out. She swears it'll do wonders for my mental stability. I'm more concerned with whether or not I can stably balance on two feet most of the time.
Strength & Conditioning / ADVANCED