Elizabeth Briggs

37| female| Parker, CO, USA
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I'm a Gociety

High Fives Elizabeth received

High Five Liz! Check out our upcoming event in Denver next Monday! https://mappyhour.org/events/2016/12/official-launch-denvers-mappy-hour-chapter
Wednesday, Nov 30 2016

Heyo stranger, Looks like we have too much in common not to hang out! Let's catch up sometime... 802.989.2371 Enjoy the Adventures Ahead NICK NAK & Sarge Dawg
Friday, May 06 2016

From Jo Leong
Hey Elizabeth! Are you still going to the cotopaxi race? High five if you are! and if you want a team to join, we've got some open spots on #AdventureTimeLife :) see you there!
Thursday, Apr 28 2016

Pathfinder love!
Monday, Feb 15 2016

A badass chick (and pup!) on and off the mountain... :)
Wednesday, Jan 13 2016

From lee mebel
Thursday, Dec 03 2015

Awesome adventurer and good company. Really knowledgeable on all things on the mountains. Cool dog too!
Thursday, Jan 01 2015

Tough lady & awesome companion Husky.
Sunday, Aug 31 2014

High Fives Elizabeth gave

One of my favorite bluegrass dance party partners. :-)
Sunday, Dec 06 2015

Hands down, one of the greatest human beings alive. **quick look to Turk for confirmation.....** Damn it!!
Sunday, Dec 06 2015

Not even spring 14er snow blindness and some seriously burnt corneas can bring this guy down. Bonus points: his camp stove bacon is off the hook!!
Sunday, Dec 06 2015

You can't ask for a better guy to be stuck with for car-Netflixing in I-70 weekend ski traffic!!
Sunday, Dec 06 2015

The best 14er partner you could ever ask for... plus he comes with snacks!
Sunday, Dec 06 2015

Yay! I broke your high five cherry for your bday!!
Sunday, Dec 06 2015

Super nice, genuine guy who's up for any kind of crazy adventure!
Monday, Feb 02 2015