Devin Black

32| male| Denver, Colorado, United States
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Devin's info

I'm a huge fan of the spontaneous local adventure. Examples include (but are not limited to!) a lunch-time spin at North Table, a half-day mission somewhere on the Front Range, or multi-day excursion up high.

Devin's preferred sports:

Mountain Biking
Endless flowy single track.
Deep and getting deeper! Drops, trees, and minimal stops. Spring/Summer ski mountaineering .
Groomers / ADVANCED
Steep & Deep / ADVANCED
Bumps & Trees / ADVANCED
Sidecountry / INTERMEDIATE
Backcountry / INTERMEDIATE
Hiking and Camping
Something challenging with a goal in mind. Lake, summit, beer(s), etc. Backpacking trips!
Day Tripping / ADVANCED
Car Camping / ADVANCED
Backpacking / ADVANCED
Fun in the Sun
Softball, Pool-time, Park-time. Outside is better than inside!
Ski / Snowboard
Every day on the hill is ideal!