Danielle Tarloff

32| female| Breckenridge, CO 80424, USA
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Danielle's info

All the skiing. Pretty much all the bikes too. Most of the beers. Hikes, camping, river stuff. I'm into it. Happy to play tour guide in the high country and be lead around elsewhere. Whatever it is should probably be followed by a beer and/or ice cream.Hardgoods buyer at Wilderness Sports and I teach the two plank moves at Breckenridge.

Danielle's preferred sports:

Mountain Biking
Moderate climbs followed by rolling flowy fun stuff. PBR/Kessel to Prime cut in Fruita is the stuff of dreams.
Road Cycling
Rolling. Maybe even touring with key stops for BBQ or ice cream.
POW. But anything will suffice.
Hiking and Camping
Walk in the woods to 14ers.
Fun in the Sun
I'm game.
Ski / Snowboard