Dani Casavant

32| female| Telluride, Colorado, United States
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Mountain Biking
Road Cycling
Scenic, long, fast paced, mixed with a little bit of sweat, topped with smiles.
I am a social person, but have found that people can't keep up with me. I am more of an endurance runner, but every now and then I switch it up and try for incline or try to beat my own Strava sprint times. Company is always good though, for the mountains especially! I would love someone who challenges me or who can add more entertainment to my run. :) In summary, no matter the goal of the run
Despite the fact that I'm from Alaska....I always psych myself out on the slopes....it's uh...a point of pride in my life! Haha. I still love going, but I would never ask you to try to stay (or wait) with me on the descent! Going UP the slopes together would be fun though! :P I'm really good at going up! I actually find it relaxing. Hah.
I WANT!!!!! I've broken my wrists twice and I STILL want some snowboarding! What Dani wants, Dani gets. I'll probably never give this up. Oh. If you were wondering...I'm terrible at it. But someday I won't be, I swear! :)
Water Sports
Yes please!!!!!! :)
Hiking and Camping
All hiking....all trails....all the time. Boots, check. Camelback, check. First aide-know how, check. Attitude, check! Hiking is right up there with running as far as I'm concerned. I like to make a whole day out of it if I can! CO is too beautiful to only escape the city for an hour or two.
Fun in the Sun
Swimming, WALKING (the most extreme activity ever invented), riding my cruiser bike, hula-hooping, corn-hole, running stairs in random parking lots, going for looong drives with no particular place to go while I listen to Chuck Berry's "No Particular Place To Go". Let's see, I know there's more, OH! Camping, (j)ogging (the J is silent), dancing, yoga, pilates, and I'm working on some beginning-le