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Always looking for some adventure!

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Mountain Biking
Hi, my name is Drew and I'm an Aquaholic. Whether it is liquid or frozen I am a hydropholic individual. Snowboarding is my favorite thing to do above all else. I am an all mountain rider, including back country, snowshoeing, and snowcave backpacking. I get in between 45 and 65 days of resort riding a year and slowly increasing the number of true backcountry days year after year.
Water Sports
As I said before, I am an Aquaholic.Certified class V commercial raft guide.Most of my experience is in the San Juan area and in Utah.I have never hard kayaked but I've taken IK's thru as high as class IV.I also have some down river SUP experience. Wakeboarding is a former sport of mine, but how could you not still love it?I'd love to get into surfing but I've been land locked my whole life.
I'm a new climber, probably rated around 5-9 5-10. I have bouldered plenty and consider my youthful habits of climbing buildings and now structures for work a contribution to my abilities and progression. I am still young in this sport, and lack loads of equipment (just like every other sport and most every other person) but I see this being something that I get very deep into as time goes on.
Hiking and Camping
Jeeze, where to start? Let's just go, I'm up for it all. My longest wilderness backpacking trip was 14 days long and I spend for months out of the year living in a stationed school bus, I also build a mean snowcave with the right amount and condition of snow. (As well as some bomber kickers, whoop whoop!)
Fun in the Sun
Ski / Snowboard
Like I said, I am an aquaholic. Whether it is liquid or frozen I am a hydropholic individual. Snowboarding is my favorite thing to do on
16+years of martial arts. I began practicing Shodokan at a very early age and have been involved in a young and more recreational form of martial arts called tricking. (A combination of martial arts, tumbling, and breakdance). YOGA is new to me but I have been meditating for half of my life and I am quickly gaining appreciation for the powerful practice.I prefer to exercise and condition outdoors.