Connor Barry

36| male| Denver, Colorado, United States
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Road Cycling
In Search of a Bike right now but will want to start riding again soon. for now i have a single speed that i ride around town and around Wash Park.
Cross country is my new passion (Skate) not going to say I'm great but i am past beginner and would always appreciate company. Devil's Thumb is where i have been going as of late<br />Downhill has been fun and always looking for new people to ride with.... Blues are fun for cruising, Blacks to push yourself and have some fun, as for the dropping off of cornices you might talk me into it.
Hiking and Camping
on trail, off trail, 14er's or just national forest land. I'm in.
Fun in the Sun
Brews, Frisbee, Catch with a Baseball, Volleyball.... yes &quot;D&quot; all of the above.
Finally getting back into the weight room and getting some strength back... looking forward to just having a good time.