Colin Downs

28| male| Golden, CO, USA
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Mountain Biking
Rocky technical trails are a blast, but a nice long flowing trail is damn hard to pass up. As long as it's a good trail I'll ride it all day!
Give me steep chutes, moguls, and trees! Accessed either by splitboard or by lift.
Steep & Deep / EXPERT
Bumps & Trees / EXPERT
Sidecountry / EXPERT
Backcountry / ADVANCED
I don't get to climb outside of the gym as often as I'd like unfortunately but hopefully that will change! 5.10/11 and V4/5 bouldering.
Hiking and Camping
I've done quite a bit of backpacking and worked for three summers at a backpacking camp. Ski touring and mountaineering are some of my favorite things. Give me mountains and I'll be happy.
Backpacking / EXPERT
Winter Camping / ADVANCED
Fun in the Sun
I love rockcrawling in jeeps/buggies, but I sold mine a little while ago. I also like to mountain unicycle, build bikes (mountain and road), and am currently building an offroad race truck. Basically if it's got wheels and it can go offroad, I enjoy it!
4x4/Off Roading / ADVANCED