Christine Manesis

45| female| Eagle, Colorado, United States
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Christine's preferred sports:

Mountain Biking
Favorite pastime is hitting the dirt on my bike. From the Colorado front range to high country riding to pretty much any other trail network in the country, I love singletrack more than anything.
Road Cycling
Ideal road ride is 40 to 60 miles. I've got fairly strong endurance but am not the speediest road rider.
Enjoy trail running at Matthew Winter or 5 to 7 miles around the City.
Getting into cross country skiing, still a beginner.
Hiking and Camping
Love hiking, especially in the company of good people.
Fun in the Sun
What's not to love?
Doesn't much matter what I'm doing, as long as I'm out having fun. Walking, running, hiking, riding, splashing, camping, road tripping, chasing rattle snakes.