Chris Krauss

37| male| Nederland, Colorado, United States
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Road Cycling
Trail Ridge Road from Grand Lake to Estes, blue skies, calm winds, no traffic... Hot tub and a bucket of beers waiting at the end!
Honestly I hate running... But I keep trying to get into it! Currently my running routine is more appropriately described as "very fast hiking once every several weeks," but hey it's a start?
Started a couple of years ago and have gotten decent indoors. Need to put it to better use on real rock with real gear!
Hiking and Camping
Hikes are great, scrambling is better! I prefer to avoid crowds and hike solo a lot. Since I live on the edge of Indian Peaks Wilderness, I do most of my big hikes back in there. I also do a lot of romping around in Boulder, behind the Flatirons and around Mount Sanitas to keep in shape.