Charlotte Rose

28| female| Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
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Charlotte's preferred sports:

Mountain Biking
Sketchy downhill, rewarding uphill grind, little to no straight lines.
Road Cycling
Lonely country road, misty mountains in the background.
Fast and hard, technical terrain, climbing involved, no pavement.
No groomers allowed. Soft and quiet, perfect hooks, pillow lines, and never the same line twice. The sketchier, the better. Good lift conversations, lonely runs, solo stove coffee in the woods, 9+ hour days, hiking, breathing, any weather, and a great apre with great people.
I like a good challenge.
Hiking and Camping
I like to not know where I'm going. Follow my vibes, and stay away from crowds. The longer, the steeper the better. And always with dogs. Spontaneity is my compass.
I am Yoga junkie, I never sit still, always exploring, and I keep a finger flexer with me at all times (I know how stupid that sounds, and I know even better how it looks in public haha)