Becca Corona

31| female| Denver, Colorado, United States
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Mountain Biking
I'm a beginner mtn biker. My goal for this year is to become more comfortable on the bike and build up my strength and endurance for the uphills.
I'm an avid long distance runner. I've ran four marathons and four half marathons. Running has been a part of my life for about 14 years now and I learn something new with each race. Next race for me will hopefully be in March 2017.
Experienced powder for the first time this year! Now I understand =)
Hiking and Camping
I definitely want to do at least one fourteener this year. I also would like to take my dog on some good hikes. He's a 3 year old chocolate lab with tons of energy. I'm open to suggestions for dog friendly hikes.
Follow Your Passion To Find Your Purpose
I love finding new ways to stay in shape. I've always been a pretty energetic person that needs lots of things to do. Aside from my usual running, Boxing and Kickboxing have been a highlight for me this year. With my Personal Trainer's Certification that I received in April, I'm hoping to teach a few classes at the Boxing gym that I go to. In addition, I love going to gymnastic/tumbling gyms! Though I'm not super experienced, I have some good connections that help me with my back tucks, handsprings and handstands.