Ashley Priscilla

34| female| Denver, Colorado, United States
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Mountain Biking
I must admit I have not taken my mountain bike beyond the city limits but depending on the venture would like to give it the chance to see some nature before its too old.
I love to run. Generally 4-5 days a week. Keeps my sanity and body in check. Also love 1/2 marathons and such....
I have been snowboarding since I was 18 and have not tired of it yet; each year it continues to get better and better. So far this has been the best season to date!
Water Sports
I can paddle. Or drink a beer while others paddle. I'm excellent at both.
I am a novice when it comes to climbing and have only gone twice before. Both times were absolutely amazing and would def like to get into it more.
Hiking and Camping
Who wouldn't want to hike that lives in Colorado? I would have to seriously question their character if they didn't.
Fun in the Sun
Always up for fun in the sun...pretty much anything that allows some Vita D to reach me sounds like a great time. Accessories and/or people to go along with that makes it all the better.
I love yoga, barre, kick boxing, HIIT, boot camps....pretty much anything that challenges me physically and if it can mentally as well that is a win-win.