Ashley Belline

34| female| Seattle, Washington, United States
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Ashley's preferred sports:

Road Cycling
Really picked up cycling when I moved to Denver as that was my only mode of transportation. Now in Seattle really enjoy riding the Interurban and around the city neighborhoods!
Enjoy running after a hard gym session or early in the mornings. Nice and relaxing. Enjoy fun races too! such as mud runs, tough mudder, 5Ks... Greenlake is a joy to run!
Been snowboarding since 8th grade! started on the ice coast/east coast. Then started heading up north to Vermont and out to Colorado and really honed my skills. It's a huuuuge passion of mine in the winter! Season pass to Steven's. Like tree runs and the big POW POW
Water Sports
Love to do SUP, wakeboard, kayak, boating, fishing, rafting, tubing, swimming, surfing - just get me out there!
Membership to stone gardens Ballard and ready to start Outside finally
Hiking and Camping
Love to HIKE! Hit up a ton of trails already and like to sweat my face off going up hill :) mountain loop highway trails are rad
Fun in the Sun
love to rock the beach, bike around, workout, enjoy some bevvies
Ski / Snowboard
I like to get my goggle tan on. suns out, guns out...beers/friends/POW
Crossfit is my daily routine. I do competitions. Play soccer/softball during week, played rugby for 10 years. Really enjoy team sports.