Ashley Belline

34| female| Seattle, Washington, United States
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Too bad you're in Washington! Looks like fun times over there! :) My sister lives there. :) I'll tell her to get going on some groups! :)
Wednesday, Mar 04 2015

This girl is the shit!
Friday, Jan 30 2015

Ashley is a mega awesome beast of a hiker! If you want a good workout/tons of fun try keeping up with her on a hike!
Wednesday, Jan 14 2015

Awesome chica! Uber positive and fun. Definitely recommend hitting up the mountains with her.
Saturday, Dec 13 2014

From Brad Flora
Ashley has an absolute love for living life to the absolute fullest. She has what appears to be an endless supply of energy for meeting people and doing awesome things. Totally rad individual!
Monday, Dec 01 2014

Ashley is a master organizer of all things fun, not to mention she saved my butt when I locked my keys out of my car after climbing. Thanks Ashley!
Sunday, Nov 30 2014

From Todd Hager
Thnks for the invite. Totally forgot about this gociety thing.
Monday, Nov 17 2014

Always killing it!
Friday, Oct 17 2014

High Fives Ashley gave

Dylan is the bomb! He's a true hiking champ and will hit the trails no matter what the weather or solo or in a group. Happy hours with him is just as fun. So be prepared for good times and the possibility of pushing his car up a snowy road.
Wednesday, Apr 15 2015

This chick is badass and funny as all hell! Get on a hike with her...she loves the nature and is down to always be outdoors!
Wednesday, Feb 25 2015

If you've never seen a dude totally steezed out longboarding while carrying a snowboard you are missing out! Zach is super bomb and fun to hang with. Entertainment at it's finest :) If you ain't crashin, you ain't thrashin
Tuesday, Dec 16 2014

Super Rad chick! Great climber and fun to be around. Make sure you carry a hanger with you ;)
Thursday, Dec 11 2014

Brad will get you thinking about life and what it really is out there that we are seeking. If you want to hang with an amazing individual who is a natural adventurer and holds incredible conversation -- he's your guy!
Wednesday, Dec 03 2014

One of the friendliest girls I've met! Always have a good time rock climbing with her and hanging out at the community nights! Contagious personality!
Monday, Oct 20 2014

Ben is the youngest and coolest retiree I know! Down for anything, never complains and is a blast to hang out with whilst adventuring or just having a beer :) Super mobile on his bicycle!
Tuesday, Oct 07 2014