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31| male| Tacoma, WA, USA
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Your friendly neighborhood Tacoma Pathfinder, at your service! Really excited to do some winter treks, brewery runs, and other assorted fun times, and carry that into spring/summer :-) Dream of summiting all peaks on the west coast for starters, then there's some fun Colorado ones I'd like to do.  Not sure what else to say other than I was a college football and track athlete, and enjoy racing and challenging myself to survive in nature for extended time periods.Thought of more stuff about me! I've had seven surgeries, mostly for tears in ligaments and cartilage and a few broken bones (go hard or go home, right?) . I've been skydiving once and would love to get my license someday. Currently I'm attempting to master salsa dancing. This last summer and fall was spent driving all over the state of Washington searching for the longest, steepest day hikes and doing them for fitness and views. Mission accomplished!Looking to register for my first adventure race to be completed this coming spring or summer. The multi-day ones look so fun!There's much more to be experienced in this life, and I plan on doing just that, up until I inevitably die (mortal and all that). Happy adventuring my friends! :-)

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Did sprinting and 400m-hurdling competitively in college, and did a marathon after college to prove you can do it without training (note: I highly recommend training, in hindsight).
Bouldering / BEGINNER
Hiking and Camping
I enjoy all manner of hiking, depending on the company I'm with. If I'm walking around in nature with beginners, I love a relaxed stroll through pretty forest and sparkling lakes and whatnot. If I'm with my intense hiking friends, I enjoy the steepest, longest day hikes the PNW has to offer. As for backpacking, same thing. But right now, winter kind of brings out the intense folks with all the necessary gear to survive out there for a day or two in the elements. The places where no one appears to have ever been are among the most beautiful places on earth, and I seek those places out.
Day Tripping / EXPERT
Car Camping / EXPERT
Backpacking / ADVANCED
Snowshoeing / INTERMEDIATE
Winter Camping / INTERMEDIATE
Fun in the Sun
Really want to do an adventure race this spring/summer!
Adventure Racing / LEARNING
Strength & Conditioning / ADVANCED