Alec Cervenka

32| male| Denver, Colorado, United States
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Mountain Biking
I've recently become a bit obsessed with clipping into a bicycle and flinging myself around mountains. As much as I love road biking, there's something about being out in the wild that I absolutely love.
Road Cycling
People have said that I'm a glutton for punishment, but I think I can do better - I'm a big fan of getting out of bed early on the weekends, pointing the bike in a direction and riding 'til I bonk. Then, the long ride home starts...
Snowboarding was my main winter sport for years, but suddenly I decided that I wanted to go faster/stupider so I started skiing and now consider myself a convert.
Even though skiing is testing my faith, I still love taking my board out for a nice powder day.
I'm not one to push grades or anything, but I still can appreciate a difficult climb and give it a try. However, I think the real joy of rock climbing is just getting outside and earning the view at the top of a fun route.
Hiking and Camping
Give me a cool destination, and I'll walk there.